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First Year Anniversary

📣 We would like to express our gratitude to our diaspora members for supporting our British European Azerbaijani School - we have opened our doors since December 2021, and, so far we have built up a strong community.

Today has been an amazing day, we have launched our website - and our amazing friends have come along to celebrate this milestone as well as the 1st Anniversary of Opening of the School.

You can find our services and our team on the website - if you wish to join our community - please get in touch.

In the meantime, we would like to mention our fantastic Team - Rauf Khalilov, Sevinj Bakhysh, Ahmadli Nigar, Ulviyya Taghizadeh Farah Greig Ada Ayten Simuzer Balaoghlanova for their input and support! ♥️

And, our Student Community (KCL & UCL) Asmar Karimli and Firuza Nasibzade - for your incredible help in supporting us. ⭐

And, our Admin Staff members- Sabina Rakcheyeva, Sabina Guliyeva & Murad Nagiyev.
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